‘Suburgatory’s Allie Grant: I Got Sent To Warner Brothers Jail!

“I would not believe it had I not experienced it for myself"

Allie Grant On 'Suburgatory'

WB logoSome auditions just bomb — others land you in lockup!

“I went to Warner Brothers jail,” SUBURGATORY’s Allie Grant tells me.

The embarrassing incident took place almost four years ago when Allie — then just 17 — showed up to the WB lot in Burbank to read for the part of Lisa Shay on the hit ABC comedy.

“I didn’t have a drivers license,” she recalls.  “I was there by myself.  [The security guards] were borderline belligerent that I show some form of legal identification so I could walk on the lot by myself and not cause any sort of harm to anyone.  I said, “I don’t have any on me.”  And they said, “You have to go to Warner Brothers jail.”

Allie — who had been dropped off by a taxi — says she was led to a small holding facility (“There were no bars”) and permitted to call the show’s casting director to spring her free.

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“I was like ‘I’m here…but I am in jail,’” she explained.  I was mortified.  They had to come and pick me up.  The casting associate gets in her red little Toyota Corolla and picks me up.  She is like, ‘So…where are you from?’  And then I went in and auditioned.”

“I went in and there was no air conditioner.  It was 100 degrees outside.  I was sweating all through my audition and then exhausted at the end of it.  I called my manager afterwards.  I was like, ‘Just so you know, I really like those people but don’t ever send me in to their office again because I can’t look at them!’”

Luckily, it all worked out and Allie got the part.

“I would not believe it had I not experienced it for myself,” she says.

SUBURGATORY air Wednesday nights at 8:30 PM ET/PT on ABC

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