‘Late Night’: Seth Meyers Reveals Dream Guest, Details About New Show

"I think it is a mistake to say we want to have politicians -- we would want to have politicians at a time when people want to hear what they have to say"

Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers has his eye on Hilary Clinton.
The former First Lady tops the list of Meyers’ dream guests as he prepares to take over LATE NIGHT from Jimmy Fallon in March.

Hilary would be great,” the SNL alum revealed over the weekend. “We would [also] love to have [Vice President] Joe Biden.  [New Jersey Governor] Chris Christie, especially in a week like this would be fascinating.”

“I would love the sort of people who are big political players who have a lot of influence on what is going on in the world. I think it is a mistake to say we want to have politicians — we would want to have politicians at a time when people want to hear what they have to say. But we are sort of open to everybody.”

Here’s 5 more things Seth shared about his show when we caught up in Los Angeles.

1.  There will be no Weekend Update segment.
“One of the things that’s trickiest about Weekend Update is, often, we write really good jokes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday that, by Saturday, go stale, or someone else tells a version of it. So we are very excited to get out there every night and do jokes about the news and we want to have a really strong monologue. On Weekend Update, we interview people who are fictional. I’d like to continue that in some degree on the new show. I don’t think we’ll try to do a version of Weekend Update, but I think there will probably be elements of our show that steals a little from [SNL]. I don’t know if “steal” is the right word. It will be reminiscent of it.

2.  He’s still building confidence.
“I constantly go between 51% excited and 49% nervous and vice versa. But I think I am most nervous about the fast turn around and the interviewing. I just think it is a thing that you really don’t know how good you are at it until you do it.”

3.  He’s getting lots of advice from Jimmy.
“Obviously we have been friends for a long time. He has been very supportive of it. But the biggest advice he has given me is you have to be patient with things like this. You won’t know what the show is on the first night. You will have a better sense in 6 months, a better sense in a year. So just try to approach it with integrity.”

4.  There will be no Jay Leno alumni on his creative team.
“Other than a few people that I have known a really long time, everybody we hired is a starting job. I feel like, especially in the early days of these shows, you have to bring in people who don’t have too much experience on another late night show because you want to build it together.

5.  Telling jokes is harder when you’re standing up
“I am certainly really happy that over the past 8 or so years I have done stand up. It is great to do something like the [White House] Correspondents Dinner or The ESPYs, because the first time you start telling jokes standing up, you realize it is very different. The hardest thing about Weekend Update is you are in a very small box. There is not alot of room when a joke doesn’t land to do anything. You kind of just have to move on to the next joke. And I think the best late night hosts have always found a way to be entertaining when the joke isn’t an A+.”

6.  He was never considered as a co-host of LIVE WITH KELLY.
“It was never that likely. It was really fun. I have always enjoyed doing with her. But that was never a job that was offered or that I asked for. The real thing [that show] did was open other people’s eyes to the fact that I might be good at it. That was the best part.”

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