‘Bachelor’ Juan Pablo: My Thoughts On His Comments And Apology (Opinion)

Everyone has a right to his own opinions, but when you share them in the media, don't be surprised by the backlash

Juan Pablo Galavis - 'The Bachelor'

Juan Pablo Galavis says he is sorry.

But should we believe him?  Or care?

Yesterday, I was the first to publish a collection of shocking comments from TV’s current ‘Bachelor,’ likening gay people to perverts and saying they should not be permitted to compete on the popular ABC dating show.My exclusive interview — predictably — set off a social media firestorm and landed the otherwise popular and engaging soccer star in hot water with the media, his bosses and gay rights supporters all over the world.I struggled for a long time with how, if at all, to present Juan Pablo’s point of view.One of the greatest things about America is our right to freedom of speech and expression — even when others don’t agree with with what we have to say.

As a television critic and member of the media, it is not up to me to vilify Juan Pablo — or anyone else — for their beliefs about homosexuality.  He was raised a certain way and in another part of the world.

Like everyone, he is entitled to his personal opinions.But I felt his point of view became newsworthy — in part due to the recent DUCK DYNASTY scandal — as he became more passionate about backing up his position.

I am not a fan of THE BACHELOR  I don’t watch it.  I find it silly and I am actually embarrassed for many of the people who participate.

As such, I had no real interest in asking silly, softball questions about whether this good looking professional athlete had actually found his soul mate in a hot tub filled with fame seekers.

Earlier in the evening, I had a very interesting conversation about reality television with an executive from ABC.  And we discussed the pros and cons of doing a gay or bisexual version of THE BACHELOR.

Acceptance for the LGBT community has never been greater and, frankly, I would be willing to bet that half of the show’s audience is gay men.

That is why I posed the question to JP.  I was not ‘baiting’ him (as someone suggested) or trying to further some agenda to destroy the public image of a person I had never met.

The blame for any fallout lies firmly on JP himself — and on ABC for not providing proper media training to a guy they were going to unleash to the press.

I find it hard to believe JP has never heard this question before.

A better answer would have been:  “I don’t make casting decisions, but I would love to see the show continue and I hope whoever is the next Bachelor has much fun as I am having.”

Instead, he answered honestly and ended up choking on his own foot.

I actually felt a bit sorry  for JP yesterday as it seemed like the whole Twitter-verse was calling for his head on a stick.

It is brave for anyone to take any unpopular position in the press. But to “apologize” and say his comments we’re “taken out of context”? Who is he kidding?

The two minute audio clip speaks for itself.  There were no twisted words.  JP not only said what he said, but he gave a very long and detailed explanation.

He is the one that insisted it “wouldn’t be a good example” and he is the one that brought up the word “pervert” — which, by the way, translates to “pervertito” in Spanish.

My guess is that this will all blow over in a few days and America will go back to being fascinated with his search for “true love.”

If so, JP should consider himself lucky.

What do you think of Juan Pablo, his comments and apology.  Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Sean Daly

Sean Daly

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