Juan Pablo Galavis: Gays Should Not Be Allowed To Be ‘The Bachelor’

“I don’t think it is a good example for kids to watch that on TV"

Juan Pablo Galavas is 'The Bachelor'

TV ‘Bachelor’ Juan Pablo Galavis is having a DUCK DYNASTY moment.

The former Venezuelan soccer star said Friday night that he would be 100 percent opposed to having a cycle of the reality dating show feature an openly gay or bisexual bachelor.

“I don’t think it is a good example for kids to watch that on TV,” he told me while promoting the show at a network party in Pasadena, Calif.

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“Obviously people have their husband and wife and kids and that is how we are brought up.  Now there is fathers having kids and all that, and it is hard for me to understand that too in the sense of a household having peoples… Two parents sleeping in the same bed and the kid going into bed… It is confusing in a sense.  But I respect them because they want to have kids.  They want to be parents.  So it is a scale… Where do you put it on the scale?  Where is the thin line to cross or not?  You have to respect everybody’s desires and way of living.  But it would be too hard for TV.”

Juan Pablo’s awkward — and somewhat unexpected — comments continued as he then accused gay people of being “more pervert in a sense.”

The single dad — who has been known to ditch out on dates to spend time with 4 year-old daughter Camila — was careful to note that he has many gay friends and co-workers.

But he still believes the show would be “too hard to watch” with a non-straight leading man or lady.

What do you think of Juan Pablo’s remarks?  Listen to an unedited audio recording of the Q&A and then let us know by leaving a comment below.

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