Jennifer Lopez: Ready To Marry Again?

"I believe in love and I think that is the main thing"

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez hasn’t given up on the idea of marriage.

“I always believed in that institution,” she says. “My parents were married for a very long time. They have been married for 35 years. I believe in it. But it is difficult. I have had my challenges. And at the same time I believe in love and I think that is the main thing.”

Jennifer has tied — and untied — the knot three times before.

She was briefly married to Cuban waiter Ojani Noa in 1997 and later walked down the aisle with backup dancer Cris Judd.  She wed latin singer Marc Anthony in 2004. (They split in 2011, but have 5 year-old twins Max and Emme.)

Following a press conference Monday to promote the new season of AMERICAN IDOL, J.Lo was uncharacteristically candid about her two year relationship with former backup dancer Casper Smart and hinted she may be ready to say “I do” again.

“I don’t like to use the words ‘father figure’ but he [Casper] has been fantastic with the kids,” she gushed. “And he helps me very much with my work.”

Here’s more of what she had to share:

What did you think of Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj on IDOL last year. I assume you saw it…
I didn’t. I was on a world tour. I really didn’t. I heard a lot about it though. [laughs]

A lot has happened since you were on the show. What are you bringing to the table this time that is new?
I went on my first world tour and that was a great experience from me. I see already that the way I am speaking about performing is so different. I felt like I knew so much before, but now with that experience I have a whole other level of understanding just of that process. I can give that experience as well.

Do Max and Emme have any musical talent?
Max has an incredible ear for hit records, I think. He loves music. Emme sings. But I don’t want to put any pressure on them in any way.

What do you sing to them at home?
Everything. Anything that comes to my mind. Emme really loves it. Max loves it. They love the sound of your voice. You are their mom.

Will you be bringing your kids to the show this year?
We live in L.A. Of course.

Do your kids take after you or Marc?
I think Emme and Max are very different. Max is more like Marc and Emme is more like me.

What is on your DVR?
There is a little bit of SONS OF ANARCHY at the house now. What else??? Not much else. I am not really into any other shows right now.

What were the great personal takeaways of traveling the world and bringing your kids…
That was such a transformative year for me in so many ways. I had just divorced and I went on tour with the kids. It was just like ‘Wooo” and I had left IDOL. All of my security blankets were gone. I was out there doing something I had never done before. I really grew not only… My goal was to not come out the other side and just survive it, but to grow as a human being as well as an artist. And I felt like I did. Specific takeaways? There were so many. It is hard to put it in one little soundbite for you.

Did you like being alone?
I was with my kids. I was never alone. [laughs]  The room was always full. My mom was with us. Beau was there. I am one of those people who does not like to be alone. I have no shame in saying that at this time in my life. I think we have to own who we are.

Did your kids develop a particular affinity for any of the cultures that they got to experience?
It’s so funny. Max said to me the other day, “I want to go back to Shanghai.” I wonder what happened in Shanghai. But they do. They are so travelled. So much more than I ever was. We used to got to Disney World and drive down there all five of us, me and my sisters and my mom and my dad. That was our big trip until I was 21 and literally started working and went to Europe for the first time. And I was the first person in my family to go to Europe. These kids are traveling the world. They have been to Australia and Asia and South America and Brazil. It is beautiful to me that I can give them that experience because I know what it has done for me in my life to broaden my perspective on the world. Cause I remember what it was like growing up in the Bronx in that capsule. Even the city ON THE 6, going there how far away it seemed. Their scope of the world seemed more broad and open and they know that possibilities are endless and I am glad I am able to give them that experience.

What’s on your iPod right now?
All my work. I am finishing my album. I am in like the last moment… I am so excited about it. We dropped a little teaser for the fans today — it’s not the first single — and we have little things that are coming in the coming weeks.

Do you have some ideas for your own music to kind of change things up?
I dropped a teaser today of a video I did for the fans. It is not my first single. But it is exciting because it is something I did over the holidays. I just wanted to go back to my old neighborhood and film some stuff. I always had this idea with this one song I had recorded. It was a lot of fun, so I just decided to put out a teaser.

How involved with you on a day to day basis with THE FOSTERS?
It is one of my pride and joys actually. It is so groundbreaking in so many ways. Day to day we have amazing show runner. I have my production company oversee that on a day to day basis. I get the scripts. I look over them. Give any notes. [I look] at episodes before the last final edits. We executive produce.

Are you pleased with the critical reaction to it?
I am super pleased. When you do something like that, you never know how it is going to be perceived. I felt like television was always so at the cutting edge of pushing the envelope and reflecting society and we have to be truthful about who we are.

What is on your DVR at home?
There is a little bit of SONS OF ANARCHY at the house now. Not much else. I am not really into any other shows right now.

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