‘#RichKids’: Dorothy Wang’s Mom Forced Her To Shop As A Kid

"Whenever she kind of gives me flack about shopping or spending too much money on clothes, I remind her that she created the monster."

Dorothy Wang - 'Rich Kids of Beverly HIlls'

Dorothy Wang is one of five young socialites on the new E! series ‘#RichKids of Beverly Hills’

Mother made her do it!

Dorothy Wang — one of the hard partying spend-aholics on E! channel’s #RICHKIDS OF BEVERLY HILLS — says she was often bribed as a child to go on expensive shopping sprees with promises of curly fries and milkshakes.

“I used to hate shopping,” she tells me.  “My mom used to force my sister and I every Saturday to go shopping with her.  She was really into [going to] Escada at the Beverly Wilshire [Hotel].

“The only way she got me to go was to promise that after we would go to the Beverly Wilshire restaurant.  They had strawberry milkshakes and this $50 burger with beer drenched curly fries.  That was the only way that she would get us to go with her.  And I hated it,” she insists.

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“Now whenever she kind of gives me flack about shopping or spending too much money on clothes, I remind her that she created the monster.  She definitely harbors the shopping spirit within me.”

Dorothy, 25, is the daughter of Roger Wang, the billionaire chairman of Golden Eagle International Group.

She appear on the show with four other trust fund babies — bouncing from store to store and club to club dropping thousands of dollars without batting a fake eyelash.

“In the beginning, [spending money on camera] felt a little uncomfortable for me,” she tells me.   “But I don’t really have any secrets.  I am very open about everything.  And I guess your wealth or your background is a part of that.  I never tried to hide anything form anyone.  But I feel like when the viewer or the public feel like you are flaunting it…  We’ve gotten a lot of people saying ‘Why are they flaunting their wealth?’  But this is our life.  We are not necessarily flaunting it, but it is going to be the backdrop of our life.  Or else it wouldn’t be a reality show.”

Here’s more highlights from our exclusive interview:

Are you nervous for the premiere?
I was probably the one that was most nervous early on.  Everyone was worried about me and how I was going to be able to handle everything.  But now, as it is getting closer,  I am the least nervous and the least anxious.  I think I have finally gotten to that point where I am at peace.  I am who I am.  The people that know us — that know how we are in real life — the people that matter are always going to be there for us.  And, you know, everyone is going to have an opinion.  We have to look at it from an entertainment standpoint.

So if you read a comment that is unflattering, you won’t take it personally?
I totally thought that I was going to be the one that was going to read every blog post and be crying for the next six months.  I don’t want to jinx myself, but recently I think I have sort of developed that hard skin that I have been hoping and preying that I would develop.

What part of your life and personality WON’T we see on TV?
From the outside I am fun and bubbly and outspoken.  I seem to have a very “La La” type of life, but given my family, I do have a very serious side.  When I am with my friends, they are kind of like my outlet for that…

Any hidden talents?
I love to bake and I love to cook, which people don’t expect from me.  I am actually really good at it, so people are sometimes taken aback.  Sometimes instead of going to the club, I will beak a sheet of cookies or muffins.  I do some of my best cooking after Midnight.  I like sports. I love The Lakers.  I love watching tennis and other sports.  Even football.  When I was younger I literally thought I was going to be in the WNBA. Then I literally stopped growing at 5-foot-4.

How good a player were you?
I was good for fifth grade, I think.  [laughs] I took it very seriously.  I went to UCLA basketball camp.  Before dinner every night I had to go make 35 layups and free throws.  I played every sport:  volleyball, soccer.  I did all the camps.  I was a real tomboy when I was younger.  That was the cool thing in my elementary school — to be a tomboy.


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