‘#RichKids of Beverly Hills’: Morgan Stewart Is More Than Just A Party Girl

“There is definitely more to me than what you will see on the show,” she says.

Morgan Stewart in '#RichKids of Beverly HIlls'

Morgan Stewart is estimated to be worth at least $5 million. (Photo: E!)

Morgan Stewart is shaking in her Louboutin shoes.

The 26 year-old party girl/blogger — one of five trust fund babies featured on E! channel’s #RICHKIDS OF BEVERLY HILLS — knows she will likely be flogged in the court of public opinion for flaunting her family’s fortune on TV while millions of Americans are struggle to make ends meet.

“I would probably hate me too,” she admits.

“I know many people have a hard time paying their mortgage and coming up with rent and have to work three jobs.  I understand that is something that is probably unbelievably difficult to deal with.  So I don’t expect those people to like me.  But maybe I can make them laugh and they can escape their misery for a little bit.”

It would be easy to dismiss Morgan and her well-heeled posse as a bunch of shallow, privileged socialites with no real ambitions beyond the next sale at Neiman Marcus.

And for some of them (judging from footage of indulgent shopping sprees and $6,000 bar tabs) that may in fact be true.

But Morgan — a stunning blonde college dropout — is determined to prove there is more to her than size D boobs, a 24 inch waist and Daddy’s platinum American Express card.

She hopes to use the 15 minutes of reality show fame to promote her first business venture — a pop culture blog called BoobsAndLoubs.com — and eventually build a personal brand the same way Paris Hilton did.  Without the sex video, of course

“There is definitely more to me than what you will see [on #RICHKIDS],” she tells me.  “The show is 22 minutes long.  I don’t think you can get a 360 degree view of anybody in 22 minutes.”

“I am extremely nervous if you want me to be honest.  The closer we get to the air date the more real it becomes.   Everything I have literally uttered out of my mouth in the past several months is going to be chopped up however [the producers] feel is best for TV.  So that is a little bit scary.”

“What I am honestly hoping people take away from it is that we are actually very, very funny.  And smart.  And sweet people.  And I hope that people don’t really hold us to the title as much as they probably are at this point.  We are just real people doing real things.  Sometimes we love each other and sometimes we hate each other.  And just because we might be more fortunate than most people in this country, doesn’t mean we are any different from them.”


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