‘Couples Therapy’: Farrah Abraham Puts Show’s Credibility At Risk

Producers appear to look the other way on 'fake boyfriend' sham

Farrah Abraham - 'Couples Therapy'

It’s hard to tell who looks more desperate:  Farrah Abraham, who attempted — twice — to bring a fake boyfriend on VH-1’s COUPLES THERAPY or the show’s producers, who seemingly turned a blind eye to the charade in an effort to capitalize on her notoriety.

Farrah is the first “celebrity” to appear on Dr. Jenn Berman’s relationship show without a partner.

Producers would have us believe that the Teen Mom turned porn star was left shattered to the core when her “boyfriend,” (DJ Brian Dawe, who is never mentioned by name) went M.I.A. just hours before cameras were set to roll in November.

“The boyfriend spoke at length with producers, did pre-interviews, had a plane ticket, the whole thing,” Dr. Jenn told me in an exclusive interview.  “He was flown in [to Los Angeles] and he never showed up.  So she arrived not even knowing that he wasn’t coming…

“He really surprised all of us.”


Dr. Jenn is not a producer on the show — nor is she involved in the casting — so I suppose she can maintain a certain amount of plausible deniability.

But anyone else who was “surprised” that Farrah’s boyfriend of two-and-a-half minutes ducked out at the last minute either didn’t do their homework or thought nobody would question the whole nonsensical story.

Earlier this year, I co-authored a book called TEEN MOM CONFIDENTIAL, which includes interviews with Farrah, some of her family members and ex-boyfriends.

To say I am skeptical of EVERYTHING she says and does would be a huge understatement.

Farrah rarely engages in anything without attempting to draw attention to herself.  So why, you must ask, did the biggest TEEN MOM fans — the ones who follow her every move on social media (and in the police blotter) — not hear about this big “five month” romance until mere weeks before filming of COUPLES THERAPY began?

I’ll tell you why. Farrah never seriously dated the guy.  The whole “relationship” was a set up orchestrated to generate publicity and get her on the show.  My sources say he was on board in the beginning, but bailed when he discovered the depth of her fraud, refusing to allow Farrah or the program to identify him by name.

That would certainly explain the “legal reasons” he is referenced so vaguely.

If, in fact, the couple were actually dating and Brian was contractually committed to appear on the show, there would be no reason, legal or otherwise, to conceal his identity.

I asked Dr. Jenn if she ever suspected the boyfriend story was a fake.

Her response:  “There were pictures of them together. We had a body language expert who came and did some exercises and she saw the picture and she said ‘This is a woman who is genuinely happy in the presence of this man.’”


Of course there were pictures of them together.  Farrah has the paparazzi on speed dial.  She invites them to her nose jobs, for Christ’s sake…

Farrah is such a narcissist that we have all come to expect this type of behavior from her.  What’s troubling is that the network and producers have decided to lower themselves to her level.

It was widely reported that Farrah was shopping for a co-star to appear with her on the show last year.  That should have been reason enough for casting directors to delete her name from their Rolodex.  Instead, they allowed her — and by some accounts Jon Gosselin as well — to perpetrate a fraud that cheapened their brand and, frankly, just looked desperate.

I happen to like Dr. Jenn quite a bit.  She provides a valuable service to her clients and it is a shame to see her now getting sucked into the middle of this poorly-executed ratings ploy.

Reality TV viewers have developed a pretty liberal view of what to accept as “real,” but once we can no longer trust that the participants in a show called COUPLES THERAPY are even in a relationship, there will no longer be a reason to tune in.

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Sean Daly

Sean Daly

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