‘X Factor’: Has Simon Cowell Found A Replacement For Demi Lovato?

Show Creator Campaigns For Alex & Sierra To Win Season 3

Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato in 'The X Factor'

Simon Cowell already knows who he wants to replace Demi Lovato on the next season of X FACTOR.

“There is somebody in mind who we have wanted for a while who has suddenly become available,” he told me backstage after Wednesday night’s finale performance show.

“I am definitely not going to tell you right now.  But [it is someone] who is larger than life and would be spectacular!”

Cowell — the show’s creator and most outspoken judge — did confirm that Demi would not be returning.

As for judges Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio?

“They have all been great.  But it is definitely time for a change.  First of all I have to talk to them to see if they want to come back and what their commitments are.”

“Demi, I knew [she] wasn’t coming back because she [is going to be] touring.  So we always knew that.  Two seasons was good.”

Here is more of what Simon — who is mentoring and openly rooting for college sweethearts Alex & Sierra — had to share:

Everyone stepped up their game tonight…
Too Much.  Way too much.  The minute Jeff Gutt sang that song [“Dream On”], I thought “We’re in trouble.”  But luckily we had a great song in reserve for the final performance.  So I am hoping they are going to be judged for what they have done throughout the series.  I think in terms of who would be the right person for the charts, I absolutely have to back Alex & Sierra.  The more people get to know them, the more they like them.  Particularly me.  I love them.

What did you think of Carlito Olivera tonight?
He did well.  But I don’t think he is going to win.  I would be surprised.

How close do you think this vote will be tonight?
It is going to be the closest yet.  I can’t call it.

If Alex & Sierra don’t win, will you sign them anyway?
I would be nuts not to.

They always seem so in love.  Have you ever seen them have a fight?

Isn’t that weird?
Have you ever seen that movie “Office Space?”  You know the guy after he is hypnotized?  He is just happy?  That is Alex.  He is always happy.  And she — I didn’t realize how much character she had until the middle of the shows.  She is a little fighter this one.

You have said you may not return as a judge next year.  It would be strange to not have Simon Cowell judging singers on TV…
A little bit.  But because I run Syco, the record label the music company… Some days you have got to put yourself on other shows just because you have to.  They you can come back.

You have a baby on the way.  Will that show you down at all?
Oh, forget it.  No, no, no, no…  I’ll drop dead working.  I love it.  As long as we are relevant, as long as we are having hits, as long as we are creating stars then I love this job.  The minute it stops, we have to stop.  I have always said that.

Are you incubating ideas for down the road when this show and [AGT] are done?
For sure.  Hopefully we are ahead of the game.  There are three shows we are working on for next year, and hopefully it takes some of these shows off into a different direction.    So I am always thinking about the next one.

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