12/18/13: Tessanne Chin Wins ‘The Voice’

Beats New Jersey Teen Jacquie Lee

Tessanne Chin Wins 'The Voice'

It was Chin for the win!

The Jamaican reggae singer Tessanne Chin was crowned champion of THE VOICE last night, narrowly beating out teenage cutie Jacquie Lee.

“It is out of body,” the 28 year-old Kingston native told Fox News backstage, admitting she had nearly given up on her musical dreams.

“I was literally at the end of a road and coming to a place in my life where I was like, ‘am I going to keep doing this and feeling like I’m not getting anywhere?’ Or ‘Am I going to give this another shot?’ Thank God, thank God I was able to give it another shot.”

Below, Tessanne sings her first single, “Tumbling Down”