‘X Factor’: Simon Says Season 4 Could Be Cut To One Night

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell may be getting a bit ahead of himself.

The record exec turned reality TV mogul is already talking about cutting the next season of X FACTOR to just one night — even though there is no indication the show will return.

“I think that’s gonna be the pattern going forward,” he says. “That’s how we started in the U.K. — we started off making one-hour shows and 90-minute shows, and now you have two-hour shows and two-and-a-half hour shows and they’re like marathons. You know, I like two-hour shows. Everything’s contained.”

X FACTOR — which insiders to sold me cost upwards of $3 million an hour to produce in its first two seasons — has been a major disappointment for both Fox and Cowell, who boldly predicted before its launch that the singing competition would draw 20 million viewers.

Last season was “clearly was disappointing for us,” Fox C.O.O. Chase Carey admitted in February.

And this season has been even worse, with viewership for one episode falling below 5 million.

“We learned a lot about what we did wrong and what we did right,” Simon says. “[We’ve learned] things I think would make the show more exciting. But most importantly is we have to trust our A&R abilities, that this show can find better artists that anyone else. That’s the future of the show.”

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