Watch: Snooki Tells Oprah She Was Bullied In High School

'Jersey Shore' alum inexplicably featured on new episode of 'Oprah's Where Are They Now?'

It’s hard to picture someone stuffing Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi inside a high school locker — even though she would probably fit.

Still, the JERSEY SHORE star and new mom says she developed her tough (permanently tanned) skin after being constantly bullied as a teen.

“In high school I was always bullied by the older girls,” she reveals in a sneak preview clip from OPRAH’S WHERE ARE THEY NOW?

“It was just an every day occurrence to the point where I was scared to walk alone in the hallways.  I thought they were going to beat me up.

“I feel like that experience of being bullied taught me to be a better person.  At one point I actually stood up to them and was like ‘leave me alone’ and they were so surprised that I stood up for myself that they never bullied me again.”

Snooki, 26, just appeared a few months ago on DWTS and currently stars in the JERSEY SHORE spinoff show SNOOKI & JWOWW.  So

I’m not exactly sure why she qualifies for the WATN treatment.

But hey, it’s Oprah’s world, so she makes the rules.

The episode also features an interview with Willie Aimes from EIGHT IS ENOUGH and CHARLES IN CHARGE.

OPRAH’S WHERE ARE THEY NOW airs Sunday night (December 8) at 10:00 PM / 9:00 PM on OWN.

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