‘The Talk’: Sharon Osbourne Dishes About Feud With Her Brother

Claims he has has taken a 'different path' in life, sells stories about her to tabloids

Sharon Osbourne is airing her dirty family laundry. Again.

Never one to shy away from a good controversy, Mrs. O. went nuclear on her estranged brother last night in a blistering post on her Facebook page.

The former AMERICA’S GOT TALENT judge says she decided to spill the beans about her ex-con sibling — (he’s served time in jail for cocaine possession, kidnapping and battery) — after he sold a series of articles about her to British tabloids and attempted to cash in on son Jack’s battle with Multiple Sclerosis.

“That’s as low as it gets, making money off my son’s MS,” she wrote.  “Jack was diagnosed in 2012, where have been the last 18 months? You know how to reach me. You know how to reach the Osbournes. With all the lies and disrespect in all of your stories, you’ve failed to mention anything about yourself. I, unlike you, do not need to fabricate stories.”

Sharon ended her letter with a warning:  “I am giving a copy of this to my lawyer. If any harm were to come to myself or my family in the foreseeable future, you will automatically be a suspect because of your criminal past.”

The always outspoken television personality threw more gas on the fire during today’s episode of THE TALK.

“My brother and I never got on,” she shared.  “He is my full brother, but even as a child growing up, we were so terribly, terribly different. He chose a different path in life. He chose one of dishonesty and crime, which he paid the price for.”

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Sharon insisted that she has tried to help her brother in the past, even employing him for a while, but says the two had a bitter falling out after the death of their father.

“When my father passed, we had an argument (about) where my father should be buried,” she explained.

“My father was a Jew. the only thing I knew about my father was that he loved his religion. My mother was a Catholic. They hadn’t lived together for 25 years. He had a mistress for 25 years. So when he died, I wanted him buried in a Jewish graveyard. My brother wanted him in a Catholic (cemetery) next to my mother. I said ‘No.’ After that we totally fell out.

“[Now] he sold five different stories about me to the British press. The last ones being this week. He is now saying he wants to be friends and help Jack with his M.S.  Well Jack in an adult with a wife and a daughter and he is doing extremely well.  I found out what he got paid for the stories.  And all he does is gain money by selling lies and foul things about myself and my family.  So I thought I will put a stop to it once and for all.  He talks about lies.  So I told the truth about him and his past and what he represents.  And it is on my Facebook.  I am not sorry I did it because it is all the truth.  I just hope now he leaves me alone.”

Moral of the story:  Don’t F– with Mrs. O.!

What do you think of the way Sharon handled the situation?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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