Roseanne Barr: “I’m never going to work in television again.”

Sitcom queen hints that latest NBC comedy didn't work out

Roseanne Barr Twitter

Roseanne Barr goes on twitter rant, quits TV. (Photo: Standup Sucks LLC / Wikimedia Commons)

Roseanne Barr is finished with television. For now, anyway.

While the rest of Hollywood was mourning the loss of actor Paul Walker on Saturday, the outspoken comic launched an all-out Twitter attack on the industry that made her a star — vowing to work instead in “geriatric porn.”

(Could you imagine?)

“I’m never going to work in television again. I’m never going to even attempt it. I feel as if I’ve been insulted/assaulted for over a year,” she told her 223,000 followers.

“Actually, for many years — from my first reality show to my second and two failed development details. Don’t call me-I won’t call you. I’m gone.”

From the sounds of it, things must not have worked out between Rosey and NBC, where she was reportedly developing a new comedy series with Nurse Jackie co-creator and former co-showrunner Linda Wallem.

“Not ONE word remained of any ideas I had,” she wrote. “I was constantly ‘corrected’ as if I had no track record whatsoever. I’m enraged over all of it.”

And from there, the rant went on for hours.

Here are a few tweets that followed:

I don’t have the emotional stability to withstand being manipulated and lied to anymore-now that I’m old.

newsflash: Yes, I do have mental health issues. Decent ppl refrain from bullying, lying to, manipulating & taking advantage of ppl like me.

one thing I’ve learned in Hollywood-every time someone tells me I’m a genius-tht means I am going to get fucked.

Hollywood’s always trying to kill their own stars-whether creatively or physically-burying them under psychic stress, greed and gas lighting

i forgot! the sexism and classism of hollywood is matched by its racism and homophobia-all of which is dwarfed by its psychopathology.

I’m writing directing editing & starring in my new show by myself. F*ck everybody.

When I was told that no star gets to write their own show, I asked, “who writes Tina Fay’s show, then?”

all of hollywood is calling me for an interview: here’s my statement: i am done being mentally tortured-I quit.

Back in 2011, Roseanne developed a multi-camera comedy at NBC called Downwardly Mobile, which never made it beyond a pilot.
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