Spike TV Apologizes For Airing ‘Bar Rescue’ After Shooting

Proprietor Of Nashville's Pit & Barrel Shot A Patron To Death The Day Before

Wayne Mills promo photo

Country singer Wayne Mills was shot dead Saturday morning outside the Pit and Barrell in Nashville.


Spike TV has apologized for airing an episode of BAR RESCUE — hours after the featured proprietor shot a country music singer to death.

Chris Ferrell, owner of Nashville’s Pit & Barrel, allegedly killed musician Wayne Mills in the parking lot of his establishment after an argument over a cigarette early Saturday morning (November 23).

The watering hole and it’s hot tempered boss were recently filmed for an episode of the restaurant rehab series which was scheduled to premiere the following night.

The network immediately pulled the episode (titled “Music City Mess”) from the schedule and replaced it with a repeat, but overlooked an encore performance slated for several hours later.

A screen capture from the show shows a sign hanging in the establishment that reads: “Guns Are Welcome On Premises.”

Within hours, hundreds of viewers began venting their outrage on social media.

Many called for a boycott of both the show and the network.

“We apologize for our late-night telecast of a sensitive episode of Bar Rescue,” Spike eventually posted on its official BAR RESCUE Facebook page.

The Pit & Barrel in Nashville

The Pit & Barrel in Nashville was featured on an episode of ‘Bar Rescue’

The network also issued the following statement Monday:

“In our last minute effort over the weekend to pull the BAR RESCUE episode featuring the Pit and Barrel, we regretfully did not remove a late-night telecast of the episode. We apologize to all those affected by the terrible tragedy over the weekend and to Jon Taffer, the production team, and our advertisers for our unfortunate human error.”

Ferrell was arrested twice for driving on a suspended license. Both charges were dismissed.

Local news reports indicate that Ferrell was not taken into custody and that police are currently investigating his claims that he acted in self-defense.