‘The Sing Off’: Nick Lachey Teases New Season, Baby No. 2

Nick Lachey 'The Sing Off'

Nick Lachey has got his old job back.

Well, two of them actually, if you count the recent reunion tour with 98 Degrees.

After a two year hiatus, NBC will debut the fourth season of THE SING-OFF, hosted by Lachey and now produced by reality superman Mark Burnett.

“I think we were all cautiously optimistic that the show would come back,” the singer reveals.

“It was put on the back burner there for a moment and I really have to give a lot of credit to the passionated fans of the show out there for petitioning and clamoring for it to come back.  Obviously when we all got the call that it was coming back to the air, we were ecstatic.  We all do this show because we love the genre of a cappella and really believe in it.”

The fourth installment of THE SING-OFF also debuts a new judge — folk singer Jewel joins rocker Ben Folds and Boyz II Men harmonizer Shawn Stockman.

Lachey — who recently turned 40 — offered a few teases about the new season and fielded questions about baby Camden and plans to expand his family during a conference call with reporters today.

Since the show is airing so close to the holidays, should we expect some holiday musical type numbers again?
There really was not too much of a holiday theme in terms of the music involved in the show.  You will see a little bit of that in the finale.  But for the most part, these are songs that everyone will know from this year and years past.  We have some really creative themes as well.  We have a movie themed night.

Will you be performing?
One thing we have always had a lot of fun with, myself and the judges, is kind of being involved musically and performing with some of the groups, so, you know, I can neither confirm nor deny that will happen.  But if history is any indication, there is a chance you might see that.

What do you think an artist can do after being on a show like this, with the exposure, to parlay it into a career?
There is certainly no guarantee for any of us in the music business anymore.  It is a tough business.  But I think the one great thing that comes out of a show like THE SING OFF is the exposure.  Getting to perform in front of millions of people gives you kind of an instant platform, an instant fan base.  But there is a responsibility to build on that once the show is done… No matter what you do in life you have to be willing to work hard at it.  Even those of us who got signed to record deals conventionally.  There is a tendency to think “Oh, we made it.”  And that is just not the case.  With 98 Degrees we knew that even back then.  We knew it was the first chapter on the journey.

Can you tell us anything about The Ultimate Sing Off, which is a new twist that has been added to this season?
I have always felt like if you are going to have a show called THE SING-OFF, there should probably be a sing-off.  That is something that we added this season.  Basically, you have the judges score all the groups throughout the night and the lowest scoring groups then have to go into what we call the Ultimate Sing Off, where they go head to head singing against one another.  Some of the best performances you will see all season come during that sing off.  We all have those moments where we lay an egg on stage and it gives those groups a chance to redeem themselves.  It is a really cool dramatic moment at the end of the show.

What is the best advice you would give to newcomers hoping to succeed in the music business?
I think, frankly, it is to [work hard].  I have said many times that I am not necessary convinced that 98 Degrees was the most talented group out there, but we were certainly willing to work as hard or harder than any other group out there.  There really is no replacement for that work ethic and your desire to go the extra mile.  That at times can really set you apart and give you an advantage.

A cappella music is important in your life.  Is that something you have brought into your home?  Do you and Vanessa sing to your little one?
Music in general is big in our home.  Obviously I am a musician and my wife is a passionate lover of music after working at MTV for so many years.  So there is constantly music on in our house.  And yes, we sing to Camden every time we put him down for a nap.  So technically, there is a little a cappella happening in our house every day.  It is usually in the lullaby form, but it is happening every day.

Does he have a favorite lullaby?
I would like to think it is one of the ones I wrote for him.   I did a lullaby record for him that came out this year called “Father’s Lullaby.”  And there is a song on there called “Sleepy Eyes” that I wrote while he was still in the womb.  So that is the one that I sing to him every day before he goes down.  So whether he likes it or not, that is really the only one he gets served up, so he has to like it.

You have already said that you are not ready yet for baby number two.  But when the time comes, do you think you will be hoping for a little brother or a little sister for your son?
I have no expectations for what baby number 2 will be.  Nor do I have any real hope or dreams either way.  I think as a father, it is cool to have a son and we have already taken care of that.   So whatever comes of number 2 is a welcome addition to the family.     Although I have said it is not going to happen any day imminently, we definitely do want more kids.  When that day does happen, I am sure we will be ecstatic with a boy or a girl.  It makes no difference.

THE SING-OFF returns with a special two hour premiere December 9 on NBC.

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