Mariah Carey Compares ‘American Idol’ To ‘Working In Hell With Satan’

Slams Fellow Judge Nicki Minaj In Radio Interview

American Idol Cast Season 12 (2013)

Sister don’t mince words!

Mariah Carey — in a shocking interview with New York’s Hot 97 FM — says she was duped by AMERICAN IDOL producers and compared judging alongside Nicki Minaj to “going to work every day in hell with Satan.”

Ok, she didn’t name the “Starships” rapper by name, but we all know what she meant.

Talking to longtime friend Angie Martinez, the pop diva revealed: “I hated it… Honestly, I thought it was gonna be a three-person panel.  They gave me a nice dangling monetary moment.”

Then, Carey says, producers expanded the judges table to include Minaj.

On a positive note, Carey says she “loved” the contestants. “Some of them were so good and also really good people, you could tell, it was disappointing that…for political reasons they would not put people through.”

Hmmm….  Political reasons?  What ever could she be talking about?

Check out the complete interview below.

(The claws come out at the 9:55 mark.)

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