MTV Is Cashing In On Amber Portwood (Again)

'Teen Mom' Star Was Released From Prison Today

Amber Portwood in prison, 2012

Amber Portwood in prison, 2012

MTV is looking to cash in — again — on embattled “teen mom” Amber Portwood.

The hard-partying reality star was released from Rockville (Indiana) Correctional Facility this morning but couldn’t avoid fans and paparazzi as she tried to sneak out a back door.

“I think there were some people that took an interest (in her release),” the prison’s communications officer told  “But as far as I know it was fairly standard.”

A camera crew from MTV was also in town.  The network that turned Amber into a household name on its controversial 16 AND PREGNANT series in 2009, is planning yet another follow up on her life.

No air date has been announced.

Producers have been Anderson, Indiana for several days, and were spotted filming segments with her baby daddy, Gary Shirley, and daughter Leah on Sunday, according to TheAshley’sRealityRoundup.

Sources tell me that the network has also paid to fly her father, Shawn Portwood, into town for an on-camera reunion.

So far Amber’s brother, Shawn Jr., has remained silent about the network’s latest attempt to cash in on his sister’s legal woes.

But back in 2011, he unloaded on MTV, calling the network “sadistic” and blamed it for most of Amber’s problems.   “I knew it would ruin her life,” he wrote in a blog post.  “We can all see that Amber is a complete train wreck.  MTV is slowly ruining her life day by day and they do not care for one reason, ratings.”

Amber, 23, chose prison over court-ordered rehab in June 2012.  She was originally sentenced to up to five years after  had several high profile run-ins with the law.  Amber was famously seen punching Shirley in front of their daughter on a 2010 episode of TEEN MOM.

As a condition of her release, she will be required to meet with a parole officer several times each month.

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