‘American Idol’: Chris Medina Gives Update On Injured Fiancé, Juliana

Admits She Caused The Accident That Left Her Brain Damaged

 Chris Medina and Juliana Ramos

AMERICAN IDOL alum Chris Medina is sharing more details about the gruesome accident that left his fiance with permanent brain damage.

Chris, 29, was one of the most memorable contestants of season 10 — bringing tears to millions with the touching story of how Juliana Ramos, his girlfriend of 8 years, was nearly killed in a car wreck just two months before they planned to get married.

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“She was reckless driving,” he admitted for the first time during an “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit.com Friday.

“She was driving home from work during a storm. The witness said she hit a puddle of water and hydroplaned into a light pole. We later found out she was also reckless driving. She wasn’t wearing her seat belt, she had an unfinished text on her phone, and she had alcohol in her system.”

The couple are still together, but haven’t yet tied the knot, Chris said.

Here’s what else he shared about Juliana’s recovery:

“She has made a lot of improvements! At least that’s what her family, friends and I think. These are the people that know where she was when her journey started. Her first year of recovery she had to be fed through a tube, where a diaper, and she could only write what she was thinking. She could barely keep her head up and she had to be carried up the stairs. Now, she feed her self but we have to prepare the food, she bathes herself but we have to prepare the bath, she speaks and types, and she walks up two flights of stairs to her room in less than 3 minutes. Its huge for us, but I understand if it sounds like she is still not out of the woods.”

“I’m not as naive as I once was about our situation. Her and I have been together for 11 years now, 4 years since her accident. People really do not understand where she is in her recovery. She suffered some significant damage to her head and brain. Her trials and tribulations have become my trials and tribulations. Her motor skills for speaking are a huge obstacle. I can’t take her anywhere remotely loud otherwise its hard for me to understand what she is saying. Heck, sometimes it is hard to understand what she is saying even when it is quiet. Ive acquired patience I never thought I was capable of. Juliana used to be so bright, vibrant, happy, and flawless physically. Now, her light has dimmed, she isn’t as vibrant obviously, as she once was, and physically she is disabled. What I am trying to say, is that she merely resembles what she once was and so does our relationship. I had to let go of who she was and I had to get to know who she is now. Its been hard. But one thing I found out, is that I love her with all of my heart. She is truly my best friend. We talk about everything. She wants the best for me, even if that means we are not together as husband and wife. I think she is okay with that now. I will always be pissed about this situation, Ill never be okay with it. But, we have come to terms with it.”

“There is no realistic chance of her getting back to what she was before the car accident. [The damage] seems to be permanent. There is growth. There are improvements, however, she will always have deficits.”

When he’s not caring for Juliana, Chris continues to make music. He is currently seeking donations from fans via Indiegogo to complete a new CD.

(In the weeks after Medina first shared Juliana’s story on IDOL, fans stepped up and donated a handicapped accessible van, a home furnace and more than $29,000 in cash to help provide for her.)

A movie is now in the works about their relationship and life together after the accident.

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