‘Masterchef Junior’ Finalist Has Appeared On ‘Modern Family,’ ‘True Blood’

...But Troy Glass Says He’d Give Up Hollywood To Become A Chef

Troy Glass - Masterchef, Junior

If you thought the freckles looked familiar, you were right!

Troy Glass — a 13 year-old finalist on MASTERCHEF JUNIOR — has been toiling around Hollywood for the past several years, earning small roles on MODERN FAMILY, TRUE BLOOD and the popular YouTube video series KIDS REACT.

On November 5, the southern California teen will appear as “Scout #5” on MARVEL’S AGENTS OF SHIELD.

“I have a lot of hobbies,” he tells me. “Acting is one, but cooking is my main one.”

In fact, Troy says, he’d be willing to walk away from show business to make his culinary dreams come true.

“If my cooking takes off and I had to choose, I would choose being a chef in a restaurant,” he says.

Troy — one of four young hopefuls remaining on Gordon Ramsay’s cooking competition — took time this week to talk about the upcoming two-part finale, his plans to publish a cook book and what really went down last week with 9 year-old fan favorite Sarah Lane.

Let’s start with you and Sarah. You were kind of rough on her during the last challenge. What was going on? I love Sarah. She is like my little sister. And she is a great cook. People were like, “You were yelling at her because she is young.” But what you didn’t see on the show is that when she would put the plates up in the window, she wasn’t tall enough and all the stuff would fall off and we would have to start over. I was like, “Sarah, don’t do this. I am the only one tall enough. Let me do it.” And she would do it anyway.

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So they edited it together to look like it was more dramatic than it was? Yes. That is how TV works. [laughs]

Troy Glass, Sarah Lane and Gordon Ramsay discuss the first season of 'Masterchef Junior' with TV critics in Los Angeles.  (Photo: Fox)

Troy Glass, Sarah Lane and Gordon Ramsay discuss the first season of ‘Masterchef Junior’ with TV critics in Los Angeles. (Photo: Fox)

Then when they called your name to advance and she was eliminated, she burst out in tears. How did that make you feel? I didn’t feel guilty at all. Yes, she is a great cook, but somebody had to go home.

But she is like your little sister. Didn’t it upset you to see how sad she was? I was very sad when she went home. Every week two people went home, but it was hard because you got to know them so personally. They became like your best friends. So it is heartbreaking when they go home. But someone had to go home. I was just glad it was not me.

What can you tell us about the finale? It is a two part finale. It is based on the classic question, “Which came first the chicken or the egg?” Two people will be eliminated [on Friday, November 1] and two will go to the finale [on November 8].

Will we see any of the eliminated contestants come back in the finale? You will just have to watch.


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