Willie Robertson Opens ‘Duck Diner’ In Louisiana

And Yes, There Is Plenty Of Duck On The Menu!

Willie Robertson's Duck Diner opened for business in West Monroe, Louisiana on October 24, 2013

Willie Robertson’s Duck Diner opened for business in West Monroe, Louisiana on October 24, 2013

Of course, there’s duck on the menu!

Willie’s Duck Diner — the first eatery owned by DUCK DYNASTY star Willie Robertson — is officially open for business today on Constitution Drive in West Monroe, Louisiana.

“It turned out great,” he says of the joint venture with restaurant veteran Bucky Newell. “Bucky and I have been talking about it for a while. You know I’m always interested in food, so we hooked up with this idea.”

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In addition to chicken fried steak, meatloaf and other comfort foods, Willie plans to serve up duck gumbo and deep fried duck strips.

“We’re getting so many visitors now and a lot of people who come through want both a piece of Louisiana and of ‘DUCK DYNASTY,’” told the News-Star at a red carpet media preview on Wednesday. “This gives them both, so we’re excited.”

Willie’s wife Korie and their oldest daughter, Rebecca, are also cashing in on the DUCK DYNASTY craze.  They’ll be opening a nearby boutique called Duck and Dressing on November 15.

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