‘Bar Rescue’: Illegal Work Forces Business Owners Into Bankruptcy

Rocky Point Cantina Survived For Just Weeks After Jon Taffer's Makeover

Rocky Point Cantina

The Rocky Point Cantina in Tempe, Arizona before it was makeover on ‘Bar Rescue’

A Tempe, Arizona bar is out of business and the owners have declared bankruptcy after a reality show makeover backfired.

Things were going downhill at the Rocky Point Cantina when owner Francis Massimiano agreed to appear on Spike TV’s BAR RESCUE earlier this year.

“What they offered in terms of changes and a new image sounded good so we took advantage of it and said sure,” he told Phoenix’s Fox 10 news.

“They said, ‘we know what we’re doing, we’ve done this before, don’t worry about it we’re going to take care of it’ but they didn’t.”

The production showed up and made sweeping changes to the menu.  Crew members also renamed the business and repainted most of the building.  The paint job ultimately triggered an investigation from the city’s code enforcement office.

Inspectors concluded that many improvements — including the installation of a firepit on the roof — were made without proper permits.

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Repairs to bring the building back to code were estimated in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“That’s what put us under,” Massimiano said.

He was forced to file for bankruptcy and the business was borded up just two months after food and nightlife expert Jon Taffer and his team left town.

“If they had done the permitting correctly we’d still be in business,” Massimiano said.

Here’s a clip from the episode that aired October 7.

BAR RESCUE airs Sundays at 10:00 PM/9:00 PM on Spike.

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