Tom Green Eyes Miley, Letterman For New Cable Talk Show

Comic Hosts New Weekly Interview Show On AXS TV

Tom Green

Tom Green

Tom Green wants to expose Miley Cyrus in a whole new way.

“I can put a lot of perspective on what is going on with her and what happened on the MTV awards that I haven’t really seen any other interviewer do,” he says.

“People are afraid to actually say what is going on.”

Green is hopeful the twerking former Disney star will appear on his new AXS TV talk show to discuss what he calls “clear manipulation by the media to get people’s attention.”

“It is not Miley Cyrus who on her own decided to go out there and be shocking,” he tells TheTVPage in an exclusive interview.“They rehearsed that show.  MTV had to light it.  Robin Thicke knew exactly where he would be standing.  She had break-away clothes on that were brought in by wardrobe people!

“This was all planned out by a company (MTV) that is run by another company (Viacom) that is one of three companies that own every media outlet in the country.“So when she goes on some morning show and [the hosts] are outraged, the people talking about how outrageous it is are [paid] by the same company that put that on the air in the first place.  I call that manufactured outrage.

“I would like to talk to her about that.”

Green contends the “We Can’t Stop” singer is simply playing us all to her advantage.

“She is very smart,” he says.  “She is doing the same thing as Madonna and Britney Spears.  When they kissed [on the VMAs in 2003] everyone was outraged. Every year the same thing happens on that show and everyone gets outraged.”

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Green, 42, admits he doesn’t watch much MTV anymore — (“It is a network for young people”) — but he credits the former music channel with “changing his life.”

“I was doing a little public access show [the original TOM GREEN SHOW] in Canada that was very confrontational, even shocking at times,” he remembers. “They had no need to pick it up. They didn’t know it was going to be the success that it was.  But it completely set me up for life.”

Now, the comic-actor-producer has the ability to focus on his passion projects, including TOM GREEN LIVE, which airs Thursday nights at 9:00 PM ET.

Each one hour episode features a different in-depth celebrity interview.

“I have been interviewed a lot and I know what it is like to be on that side of the table,” he says.  “Especially as a comedian.  I like to interview comedians, but it is not always going to be a comedian.  I like people that have big, strong personalities.”

Rather than coax his guests to talk about their recent divorce or cancelled TV shows, Green says he will allow them to dictate the tone of the conversation.

“So many interviewers want to be as funny as the guest and they immediately get into a sort of competitive relationship with them,” he says.  “Then you have got the great interviewers who know when to sit back and listen.”

Tonight’s episode will feature a candid chat with skateboard champ and long-time pal Tony Hawk.

Future guests have yet to be confirmed, but Green admits there is one personality he would most like to sit down with: David Letterman.

“He would be the person I would probably want most, just because of my personal feelings about having grown up really wanting to get into this business because of him,” he says.

“I am not one who is afraid of asking.  I haven’t asked him yet.  But maybe the strategy is to make this show successful and get him to watch it and like it and maybe he will do me a favor one day.”

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Sean Daly

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