MTV: No Mention of Star’s Abortion In New Safe Sex Video


Seriously, MTV?

The network that has made gobs of money off of unwed teenage mothers has just released a series of “webisodes” in which stars from its original series 16 AND PREGANT provide updates on their lives and preach the importance of contraception.

The first episode (see below) features now 19-year-old Jamie McKay of Ashville, North Carolina.  Jamie relies on government assistance to care for her Miah, 2.

“Use condoms, use birth control,” she says.  “Follow your dreams and then have children.  Why sacrifice it when you can prevent it?”

Or abort it.

That’s right.  What she, MTV and sponsor all forgot to mention in their six minute video is that last year Jamie got pregnant again and decided to have an abortion.

Then she tweeted about it.  And posted a picture.  Of her sonogram.  How disgusting.

(After the [procedure] and social media firestorm she experienced, the former Subway sandwich artist posted “I feel like I made a mistake and I can’t take it back.”  You can read an exclusive interview with Jamie in the new book Teen Mom Confidential.)

“Before I got pregnant I didn’t know anything about birth control,” Jamie says in the 6 minute video.

But after the birth of her first child, you might thing that she would have looked into it.

Now, Jamie insists, she is fully protected from another unplanned pregnancy — and plans to make sure her little girl is too, when the time comes.

“When Miah starts her period, she is getting on birth control,” the young mom insists.  “You don’t want to get pregnant at a young age.  It is a cycle in my family.  My aunt, my mother, me.”

Let’s hope the cycle ends there.

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