Exclusive: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars To Make Acting Debut On ‘Last Man Standing’


Holy quack!  Two stars of DUCK DYNASTY will make their acting debuts next month on the season premiere of Tim Allen’s sitcom, LAST MAN STANDING.

Willie and Si Robertson will appear in multiple scenes during the September 20 episode — but not as themselves — executive producer Tim Doyle tells me exclusively.

Their last names will be changed to Harrigan, Doyle says, since the bearded reality stars don’t want viewers to think their DUCK DYNASTY personas are scripted characters.

(There has long been speculation about just how “real” DUCK DYNASTY is.  “The show is highlights of our lives,” star Jase Robertson explained on Facebook. “We are not actors. When you edit things into 22 minutes some of it may seem a bit staged. It is about our faith, family, facial hair and meant to be fun.”)

“We have written a few different versions of the script,” Doyle says.

In one version, the pair walk into Outdoor Man — the fictional store where Allen’s character, Mike Baxter, works — to return a canoe.

“I have to work with Willie on the script a bit more,” Doyle says.  “Willie is the one who writes the DUCK DYNASTY show.  So I have to run it by him.  I don’t know what it will be by the time it shots.   There may be a few ‘Happy, Happy, Happy’ jokes in there.  You never know.”

The Robertson’s scenes will be shot beginning September 12 and then edited into the rest of the episode, which will be taped in front of a studio audience later this month.


Jonathan Taylor Thomas on last season’s finale of ‘Last Man Standing’ (Photo: ABC)

Doyle also confirms that Jonathan Taylor Thomas will return to the ABC comedy to act in one episode and direct another.

“Jonathan was in the final episode from last season and it was a big deal because he really doesn’t want to act,” Doyle says.  “He has been learning how to be a director.  He really wants to transition to a new stage of his career, but he is doing it for us because he likes us.”

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