Jerry O’Connell: ‘My Wife And I Would Love To Get Divorced’


Jerry O’Connell (Photo: Angela George, Wikimedia Commons)

Is parenthood taking a toll on Jerry O’Connell?

“My wife and I would love to get divorced,” the actor annoucned Monday. “But neither one of us wants our children now. So we’re trying to work through that.”

Jerry — a father of four year-old twin girls — is joking, of course.  “I am happily married,” he told a group of TV writers in Beverly Hills.

But the actor, who married former model Rebecca Romijn in 2007, admits keeping up with the kids is a bit overwhelming — especially when his wife is out or town for months at a time filming her TNT show KING & MAXWELL in Canada.

“I think the biggest challenge is my girls tend to tell me what to do,” he tells me.  “[Rebecca] is really good at laying down the law.  My kids listen to my wife.  They don’t listen to a word I say.  It’s not that I am a slacker parent.  I think it is just girls and daddies.

“If they ask me 15 times for chocolate ice cream at night and mom isn’t around to tell them no and put them in their room, I am going to give them chocolate ice cream.  I find myself not being able to say no.  And I can’t scold them.  They are just little girls.  I can’t even yell at them.  My parents used to hit me.   Forget it.  The dog leash was out…”

Jerry — who first became famous as “the fat kid from STAND BY ME” — is returning to television this fall in the CBS comedy WE ARE MEN.  The show focuses on a groom (Chris Smith) ditched at the altar, who attempts to get back in the dating game.

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