Parenthood: Craig T. Nelson Stands By NBC Slam


Craig T. Nelson says he is only saying “what Zeke would say.” (Photo: NBC)

Craig T. Nelson is making no apologies for blasting the way NBC has handled promotion of PARENTHOOD.

“I felt I had an obligation as the patriarch of this dysfunctional family to speak up,” the actor told a room full of TV writers in Los Angeles today.

In March — when the show’s future was still up in the air — Nelson unloaded his frustrations to Entertainment Tonight:

“There are all these people responding to our show and NBC is completely out of it.  They don’t promo the show, you don’t see anything about it out there. It’s like this hidden gem, but why are they ashamed of it?”

“I don’t understand whatever the agenda is behind the scenes. It’s very confusing. Having been around as long as I have and been on a couple of shows — one of which I ran — it doesn’t make sense to me.”

I asked NBC programming chief Bob Greenblatt what he made of the actor’s remarks.  He told me:  “I don’t know what that interview was about, but I can tell you it couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Explaining his comments today, Nelson clarified: “I just felt that to me, NBC hadn’t been promoting or marketing the show correctly or enough and I just wanted to see it happen more.  And I believed in the show and I spoke out about it and I am proud about it.  That is what Zeke Braverman does.”

PARENTHOOD returns September 26 on NBC.

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