’16 And Pregnant’: Taylor Lumas Wants Her Father Dead!

Taylor Lumas

Taylor Lumas is pissed off, folks! (Photo: MTV)

A girl featured on MTV’s 16 AND PREGNANT says she wants her father to die a “painful, slow death.”

Taylor Lumas, the youngest girl ever to appear on the show, is apparently pissed off that her dad won’t pay $200 to prevent her car from getting repossessed.

“Well apparently my car is being repossed [sic] tonight because my piece of s — father refuses to pay 200 dollars,” Taylor, 17, wrote in a shocking Facebook post.

“He wants me to pay when I don’t even make that much on a paycheck.! I f — ing hate you. I hope you die a long painful slow death and then when you rotting away in the ground I’ll be sure to come spit on your grave.”

But wait…there’s more.

”I have never hated someone so much in my entire life,” she continues. “Your a ‘father’ . That doesn’t mean you use and abuse your children! You have f — ed up my life and have been nothing but a burden . I hate you so f — ing much.”
Now that she’s calmed down, Taylor is offering an explanation for her outburst.

“To anyone who saw Nikkole Pauluns sulia post about my father id just like to saw that was on my PRIVATE fb and was written when I upset and angry,” she wrote last night. “Some of what I said is honestly how I feel and I do not apologize for saying that to him but I do want to apologize to my fans because I do not normally act like that and don’t want you guys to think of me as such a bitter, angry person.” [sic]

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