‘Big Bang Theory’: Mayim Bialik Mulling Book About Divorce

Her first book, BEYOND THE SLING -- A GUIDE TO ATTACHMENT PARENTING, was released in 2012.

Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik published her first book in 2012.

Great authors write about what they know best.  So it wasn’t really a surprise when Mayim Bialik told me she might be writing a book about divorce.

THE BIG BANG THEORY star — who recently split from her husband of nine years — says lots of people have been suggesting she take pen to paper and share what she has learned over the past few months.

“I have already done some private writing about the process,” she told me before heading into a PaleyFest panel last night.

(Bialik’s first book, BEYOND THE SLING — A GUIDE TO ATTACHMENT PARENTING, was released in 2012.)

Here’s more from of our conversation:

You recently filed fro divorce.  How are things going?
It is going okay.  Life is about making the most of difficult situations.  I’ve had my share.

You are one of the bravest people because you put it all out there.
The media is a very interesting partner to dance with.  I write for Kveller.com and I really pride myself on really laying it out there.

I guess Valerie Harper has bigger problems than you do right now and she’s sharing them with the world…

How is it going for the kids?
They’s doing okay.  What Mike and I were told is that if we are okay, they’ll be okay.  So we are very honest with them.  We are straightforward.  We don’t hide things, don’t sugar coat things.  That is sort of how we do all of our parenting, actually.  Together, separate, one house, two houses…

Could there be a divorce book coming next?
It has been suggested to me.  And honestly I have done some private writing about the process…

A journal?
Yeah…  I think what is really important for me is to share things that would be really helpful to other people and not simply ‘here’s my life on a piece of paper’ and you get to hear that Amy Fowler cried last night.  But to be able to say, for example, there is a process of a Jewish divorce.  There is a legal process we go through.  That is something I would be interested in sharing with people.  That this is what it looks like, this is why we do it historically, this is what it means.  So to be able to information and not just make it like everybody gets to hear.

I had no idea.
It is a procedure.  There is a contract that undoes the original contract.  It is fascinating.  I should write it out.

Does writing about it help you at all?  Do you benefit?
I think for any writer there is something cathartic in writing things down.  It helps us process information.  Therapy is also good.  I do that too, you know.  I think it does help me organize my thoughts, even for myself, as I write.  But I think largely it is so complicated that people care what I say about divorce versus people who are actually trained to speak to people about divorce. So that is really what I try to share.  I share what people have told me works.

People are used to coming to you for advice on other subjects…
I know.  But I am a neuroscientist.  So I can speak to things that are neuroscience related.  I can speak to breast feeding because I am a lactation educator and counselor.  But beyond that, I am a person you see on television who has a very complicated brain and body and soul.  I am just a person.

Has there been anything therapeutic about being on a comedy show during this time in your life?
No.  (laughs)  We are miserable on our set!  I think having the support of a really close cast… I am close with Melissa and Jim (Parsons) in particular.  I don’t know.  It is a job.  The comedy stuff, yeah.  You can forget where you are when you pretend to be someone else.

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