Olivia Munn: ‘I Have Weird, OCD Anxieties’

Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn says she suffers from social anxiety issues.

At least that’s what she told me on Sunday night before taking the stage for THE NEWSROOM session at PaleyFest in Los Angeles.

Our little talk started out innocently enough — some banter about what it’s like to work with eccentric writer/producer Aaron Sorkin.

Then — ‘Liv decided she wanted to share.  And I was happy to listen.  Did I bring out her inner crazy?  Or was it just a case of right place, right time?

No matter. Here’s how it all went down.

It seems just from watching THE NEWSROOM, that is must be exhausting to film…
Yeah, it probably is pretty exhausting, except I don’t have children or a personal life or hobbies.

Why is that?
Because I have my own weird OCD, social anxieties.  I like to stay at home and hole myself in and not have anybody look at me and not have to meet new people.  So I can stay at home and not work on my stuff while other people have loved ones…

I just meant there is so much going on in each scene that if you have to do it over and over…
Well if you have no life and you are at home practicing it all over, by the time you get out there, it is like ‘I have already done this like 18 times at my house because I didn’t have anybody else to hang out with.

You walk around your house reading your lines to yourself?
Yeah.  I work on them.  I work, work, work…  That’s all I do.  I think the one thing I know I will never have to worry about on THE NEWSROOM is becoming complacent because I know how difficult it is to be in this place and to have Aaron Sorkin and to have his writing, so I work, work, work all day long whenever I get a chance to do it, so I can be ready on set.

Do you think being a part of this show has changed people’s perception of you as an actress?
I don’t know.  I don’t know what people’s perceptions were before.  I don’t know what it is after.  Like I said, I like to stay at home and not talk to anybody.  And now I try to avoid online.  So, you know, I kind of go through life not really knowing what people think.

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